Kevin and Hunter Get Taken for a “Texas Sleigh Ride”
by a Seven- foot Long Black Tip Shark

 Outrageous YouTube Video Takes Over the Net

“Reminiscent of the scene in the 1975 film Jaws, where a rather larger great white shark drags fishing boat The Orca around as its crew try to save themselves.”

“A tale of the-one-that-got-away that has the Internet buzzing.”

“They both caught more than they bargained for.”

“Kevin Stevens needs a bigger boat.”

As Seen on Good Morning America, FOX and Friends

Click Here to View the Family’s Video and Their Interview with Robin Roberts

Nearing the end of a day out in their fishing kayak off the coast of Galveston, Kevin Stevens of Clear Lake, TX and his nine-year old son Hunter got taken for a wild ride when they reeled in a 7-foot Black Tip shark. The shark, which put up a bit of fight, pulled the father and son a mile out into the Gulf of Mexico, dragging their boat up and down the coast for over an hour before they could release it back to the wild. Hunter, who wants to be a marine biologist, caught the whole thing on video.

 Kevin says that the experience could be compared more to the “Old Man and the Sea” versus “Shark Week” on the Discovery Channel.

 Kevin has been fishing since the age of two. He is a member of the Southern Kingfish Association, and has won numerous competitions in the Gulf Coast region. The Texas-native has spent hundreds of hours kayaking in the Gulf of Mexico. He has caught fish so large that they’ve been studied by the Texas Parks and Wildlife, including the second largest stingray ever caught in the Gulf of Mexico.

The adventure that was caught on video by Hunter is a routine occurrence for the father and son. They spend most of their weekends fishing together in the Gulf. Kevin has caught thousands of sharks, including other Black Tip, Bull, Sharp Nose, Hammer Head, Bonnet Head, Dusky, Tiger and Nurse sharks.

When the video went viral, the phones began to ring. The Stevens have been enjoying a whirlwind of interest from the press, including visits to Good Morning America and the Today Show.

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10 thoughts on “Media

    • Of course. Sharks are important to our ocean. We respect them and Hunter studies them. We hope to post more video shwing this knowledge of these animals, and other marine life. With all fish it is mainly 100% catch and release. Thanks for asking the question.

        • Hunter wants to be a marine biologist. His GT project was on Jacques Cousteau. We respect the ocean and by fishing from the kayak Hunter gets to learn about the animals he has chosen to study since he was a child. My husband also started college to become a marine biologist but his degree focus changed along the way. His interest in marine life and studies are much more then what I would call a hobby. Hunter and my husband live their lives outdoors and we respect the animals around us. I firmly believe my son will grow up to be the next Jack Hanna or Jeff Corwin.

          • Awesome. Hunter has a FB page as well. I honestly, as a mom have never seen a kid pass up a cartoon over any animal. Would love to see the FB page. We just did something called Artist Boat where he got to learn the importance of the wetlands. I believe my husband blogged about it and put some photos up. Also just so you know any pictures of sharks caught in the surf are taken so quick so we can get them back in the water and get the hook out every chance we get. I hope the news today about the guy who got bit when spear fishing is not negative. I have been blasted all over the internet fr allowing him to learn about them because the whole world is so clueless about the fact that they are not out to eat us. One day SharkGirl and SharkBoy should talk. It sounds like Hunter could learn alot from you. May I ask what profession you did go into. I have not been on FB yet. About to go search for the page. Have a great day.

  1. Wow, I wish one day I could just insert the world with the knowledge with what is happening with sharks. I would love to talk to SharkBoy. Well I haven’t gone into a profession yet, I’m 15 only in 9th grade but I would love to stay in touch with your family and help SharkBoy out or anything he would need help in. He is about 9 or 10 right? I became passionate to sharks and marine life around that time.

  2. Hunter, I met you today at the bayou would love to get in touch with you and discuss sea Shepherd and how you can help save the sharks. Also, give u some sea Shepherd items.


    • He would love to meet the Sea Sheperd team. He couldn’t stop talking about how Capt. Watson was jailed for trying to stop shark finning. Wait until you see the video of him talking about it. By the way we caught a huge gar today and released it of course.

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