I have grown up fishing the Texas Gulf Coast, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Florida. I was a deckhand when I was younger and ran my own offshore boat for friends and family for 15 years. Fishing has been a passion since I was a child. My SKA team made it to nationals in 99 and I have competed in many Gulf Coast tournaments throughout my lifetime.  We recently had a shark video go viral and became know as the “father and son” kayak team. I include my son in all of our adventures. These days it typically includes kayak fishing for big game with my son “sharkboy.” See you on the water and tight lines!

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  1. I been doing this with my son now for about a year and he loves it, i also have Cobra Kayak, they r the best, i have a navigator model, had it since 2001. how far out on the beach do you go? i live in la porte, Texas not to far from you. i fish sylvan beach and havent had much luck there. where would a good spot be to launch and stay on the water for a while? i am from Corpus Christi, the best fishing by far, and i am just not to familiar with galveston. i’ll take any advise. Thank you so much and keep doing what your doing. dont listen to all those haters out there that dont even know how to tie a hook to line and r too scared to try something adventureous, let the haters hate and have all the fun you and your boy can handle.

    • Thanks for the support. The best advice I can give is to browse the forums at TexasKayakFisherman.com. You can find a wealth of information about areas to launch and current fishing reports. Right now the bull red run is going and most of the beyond the breakers (BTB) folks are fishing at Rollover and High Island. I will be out Saturday morning. It looks like I will be out at Rollover Pass. My backup spot is always BA-16 on the west end of Galveston. PINS is great fishing so I am sure you had fun in Corpus.

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