First Shark of the Season for SharkboyHunter -2012

Here is the shark video that made the recent national news. It is my son, aka sharkboy, catching a 4-5 Blacktip shark out of our kayak. There is a large community of fisherman that fish beyond the breakers so we are not the only crazy Texans.

2 thoughts on “First Shark of the Season for SharkboyHunter -2012

  1. We met today 23 June 2012 near the Bay Area bridge. My kayaking friend did most of the talking (ex school teacher and special ed). We been kayaking the bayou for about 3 to 4 years. Have seen many alligators,some quite large, and have been splashed by many gar. Enjoyed your the videos and pictures.

    • It was nice meeting you both today. We eventually caught a nice gar and released it. We had a HUGE gar splash us after you you left. I am sure we will see you again. Thanks!