Save the Sharks!

This is my platform. Please help me.

Sharks are an important part of our world but they are disappearing.

Nets in Australia are being put out and the sharks and other fish are dying. Another reason is people that get attacked are getting crazy going after the sharks that hurt humans. People that kill sharks for fins are also crazy. They kill sharks for money and that is wrong. Some people think that sharks are out for humans but that is what  sharks do. They eat seals and some things that look like their prey. There is a place where the biggest bull sharks live and nobody has ever been attacked. Me and my dad have come up with ideas to save sharks instead of them dying.  We could put some big strong magnets to protect the sharks and humans. If we did not have shark the ocean will be the dirtiest place in the world. So please help me save sharks.

Visit for more information on shark conversation.

-Hunter Stevens